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June 30, 2010


I don’t usually write poetry. The imagery and rhythm, with every word right to the point and in the exact perfect place, is, for the moment, beyond me. But today I wrote a poem, and since this blog is shiny and new, a place to stretch my writing, I’ll post it here. Don’t get used […]

Why are vampires so popular in today’s fiction?

June 29, 2010


Like any question about popular culture, this has a couple of answers. First, vampires are ubiquitous as both protagonists and side characters in books, movies, and TV shows because they are proven selling points. This leads to a more specific question. Why do people keep buying and reading stories that repeat these motifs? The roots […]


June 28, 2010


Luminous Enigma is a big name for a little blog. I chose it because I like the words both separately and together.  To be luminous is to shine, to give off light of a special beauty. An enigma is a mystery, complex and perhaps beyond understanding. Together, luminous and enigma suggest something lovely and beyond […]