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Watermelon Salad

August 28, 2010


Normally it’s hard to imagine that it would be possible to have too much watermelon. But my family has gotten a large watermelon every week this month. They are really huge, and they are seeded. Plus we went to the beach last week, and another branch of the family brought extra peaches and melons. So […]

Zimbabwe, or The Perils of Post-Imperial Populism

August 23, 2010


Zimbabwe is a country in crisis. You probably haven’t heard much about it. To most mainstream news organizations it’s just another poor, corrupt African country. There is no genocide like in Rwanda or Darfur (or the many others I could name). The colonial legacy is no longer in the form of repressive and racist control […]

Why no one is stopping climate change

August 18, 2010


In recent years the debate about climate change, sometimes called global warming, has become politicized. Emotions run high on both sides, which, as is common in public discourse, leads more to a clash of ideologies and values rather than a calm and cogent discussion of the various sides of the issue at hand. Most people […]

Swahili civilization

August 7, 2010


Africa, in the centuries before the Europeans came to conquer it, was home to an astonishing variety of cultures and political structures that have largely fallen from the memory of the Western public. The city-states of the Swahili on the Africa’s eastern coast are one of these cultures. They were never an empire, never had […]