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Unfunded Liabilities

March 7, 2011


American state and federal governments are struggling to cut spending. They are unable to fulfill the budgets that they had planned on with the revenue they are now taking in. Most of the debate has been about cutting short term spending on public services with the idea that the revenue shortfall is a short-term effect […]

Vegetarianism and Veganism

February 26, 2011


Vegetarianism and veganism, as lifestyle choices, have been growing in popularity in recent decades. Like all such changes, these movements have produced confusion, since people adhere to them with varying degrees of rigor and for many different reasons. Vegetarians, quite simply, do not eat animals. No meat, fish, shellfish, etc., but all kinds of grains, […]

Budget Deficits; Useful or Dangerous

February 17, 2011


One of the biggest political fights right now in the United States and other countries hurt by the Great Recession is over government finances. For various reasons, they have been spending much more than they have been taking in from taxes. This is called deficit spending. It is separate from the actual level of debt. […]

Recent History of Egypt

February 8, 2011


Egypt entered the modern era as a mostly independent subject kingdom within the Ottoman Turk empire. As the industrial revolution  took hold in Britain, the erstwhile Land of the Pharaohs was ruled by the descendants of the mercenary Ali Pasha, who maintained their position by paying tribute to the Sultan and modernizing their armies.  In […]

Immigration Policy

January 30, 2011


In recent entries, I have discussed various factors that go into creating the current immigration situation in the United States, from both the immigrants’ side and that of the countries they seek to enter. With this background, I can now look at the variety of policy responses that the US and countries in similar situations […]

The Costs and Benefits of Immigration

January 11, 2011


So far I have discussed immigration from the point of view of the immigrants, who they are and why they make such a big decision. The countries they move to also have a stake in the matter. They are materially affected by immigrants and have several options for controlling the flow of people entering their […]

Why People Immigrate

December 12, 2010


In the previous post, I discussed the varied nature of the people who immigrate to the United States of America, showing that there are huge numbers of people from all over the world who want a chance to live in the US. What draws such crowds? Surely most people would prefer to stay where language, […]