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Vegetarianism and Veganism

February 26, 2011


Vegetarianism and veganism, as lifestyle choices, have been growing in popularity in recent decades. Like all such changes, these movements have produced confusion, since people adhere to them with varying degrees of rigor and for many different reasons. Vegetarians, quite simply, do not eat animals. No meat, fish, shellfish, etc., but all kinds of grains, […]

Banned Books

September 30, 2010


In honor of Banned Books Week, the wonderful Rejectionist and Tahereh have put together a collection of reviews of favorite books that have been banned or challenged. I am an ardent supporter of books, and this blog is designed to work against the kind of ignorance that is the cause and consequence of censorship. So […]

Sri Lankan Civil War

September 2, 2010


On May 19, 2009, Mahinda Rajapaksa, the president of Sri Lanka, declared that his country’s decades long civil war was over. Although the fighting had stopped, the suffering still continues. Sri Lanka’s troubles have their root in centuries past. The country has a mixture of ethnic groups. The majority are Sinhalese, who are Buddhist, while […]

Swahili civilization

August 7, 2010


Africa, in the centuries before the Europeans came to conquer it, was home to an astonishing variety of cultures and political structures that have largely fallen from the memory of the Western public. The city-states of the Swahili on the Africa’s eastern coast are one of these cultures. They were never an empire, never had […]

What is a CSA?

July 4, 2010


I’m sure that the acronym CSA could stand for any number of things, but in the food world, where you might come across it now, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The concept has become trendy, and in my opinion it is part of a healthy new direction in America’s relationship with food. Nearly all […]