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The Costs and Benefits of Immigration

January 11, 2011


So far I have discussed immigration from the point of view of the immigrants, who they are and why they make such a big decision. The countries they move to also have a stake in the matter. They are materially affected by immigrants and have several options for controlling the flow of people entering their […]

Why People Immigrate

December 12, 2010


In the previous post, I discussed the varied nature of the people who immigrate to the United States of America, showing that there are huge numbers of people from all over the world who want a chance to live in the US. What draws such crowds? Surely most people would prefer to stay where language, […]

Why is our trade balance so important?

July 6, 2010


In order for people to prosper, they have to be able to earn money. Whether they work to provide a good or a service, they will have a base of consumers to rely on. If they have a lot of customers, they can work more, charge more, and earn more. This is all very basic, […]