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Immigration Policy

January 30, 2011


In recent entries, I have discussed various factors that go into creating the current immigration situation in the United States, from both the immigrants’ side and that of the countries they seek to enter. With this background, I can now look at the variety of policy responses that the US and countries in similar situations […]

The Costs and Benefits of Immigration

January 11, 2011


So far I have discussed immigration from the point of view of the immigrants, who they are and why they make such a big decision. The countries they move to also have a stake in the matter. They are materially affected by immigrants and have several options for controlling the flow of people entering their […]

Why People Immigrate

December 12, 2010


In the previous post, I discussed the varied nature of the people who immigrate to the United States of America, showing that there are huge numbers of people from all over the world who want a chance to live in the US. What draws such crowds? Surely most people would prefer to stay where language, […]

Who are the Immigrants?

October 5, 2010


To emigrate is to leave one’s native land. To immigrate is to settle somewhere else. America, it is said, is a land of immigrants. We take those who have no place elsewhere and make them our own, use them to build our society. Who are these people who come to us? The answer has, of […]